This album is dedicated to my father

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I made my dad a promise before I left home in New York to pursue a God-sized dream in Portland, Oregon: that one day I’d bring him back this music.


For years after that, all my family saw was me fighting to survive and chalking up losses. Many times, my dad begged for me to come home because he saw me struggling; but because he didn’t share my faith, it was hard for me to explain to him that I was seeing through something I believe God had planned for me.  It seemed to my father that perhaps I was just running from him, or in some way it was his fault that I wouldn’t return home.


After many years and some very, very hard seasons in life, the day approached when I finally got an opportunity to create the music that had been on my heart. After such a long haul I was going to get a chance to bring back the music to my dad.


In the middle of making this album I received a phone call from my dad. He told me for the first time that he was proud of me and asked how the music was going. I told him that I was finally making an album he was gonna love, and I told him that soon I would bring him back my promise.


I’ve never much cared for fame or accolades, just to see lives changed and inspired. It’s always been about others. But for my dad, in a way, I wanted to show him some kind of tangible success; at least a song that he could hear from me for the first time.


I asked, “Why are you asking me how the music is going?” He replied, “I just want to make sure you’ll be ok if anything happened to Dad.”

I inquired as to why he would say that and he told me, “Because Dad has cancer.”

I told him to give me at least one year to show him what I’d built. – I didn’t get that year.


“Brant, you should come home to see Dad.”, my mom said over the phone nine months later. 

I left for New York immediately.    


I arrived to see my dad, previously a 185lb man, weighing in at 90lbs. On the fifth day at the hospice, I happened to get an email and in it was my completed album. I pulled my chair up to my dad’s bed, interlocked my fingers in his hand like grade school friends and asked, “Do you want to hear the album I made?”


As I played it he began to cry. I’ve only seen him cry two times in my life: when his sister and his brother passed. He told me, “I’ve never heard you like this before. Play another.” Then he said, “Play another.” After listening to the whole album my dad told me, “Everyone needs to hear this.”, and I said, “Okay.” I spent every day and night with my dad in that hospice.


My dad got to hear the promise. This is the only album of mine that my father ever heard. It was the only time he ever heard me sing, and it was on his deathbed.


In his final moments, I sat by his side and whispered in his ear…

“You are about to meet the King I’ve served all my life. Don’t be afraid.”


On the tenth day, he passed.


Despite all the pain, my heart continues to burn to see God’s fame expanded, and those who are broken to be mended.


You see, my father never knew Jesus, but in the midst of those ten days, something miraculous did happen: he wasn’t healed of his cancer, but he was healed of all his past, healed of all his faults, and free of all his failures. He said yes to Jesus and goodbye to us... for now.


I’m releasing this album first to honor my Heavenly Father, and second to honor my earthly father.


So I give my first album to God. Every breath it took to create it was a gift from Him. If God blesses me with enough breath, then after this, I’ve got some albums I’ll be releasing that will tell more of the story.


The story of my triumphs, tragedies, and my journey.


The Story Of The Comeback Kid.